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On Socializing and Being True to Yourself

Occasionally, people ask me why I would eat what seems like such limiting and undelicious food.

Depending upon the person, I usually explain that it is the most pleasurable, creative and nutritious food I have found and that, ultimately, nutrition is the primary purpose of food as I see it and I’ve never felt more unlimited in my life. Then they ask me about how I manage to socialize and I tell them that I tend to take my meals before I go out and then order a crudite plate or salad, mostly just to participate. I really don’t go out to restaurants though and I must say, I do miss that aspect of life very much, but not so much that I would give up what I’ve gained by living live. No way. Until there is a raw restaurant wherever I live as lovely as Pure Food and Wine is in NYC, I am happy to find other things to do with people, things that don’t necessarily revolve around food. Naturally, being true to our selves soon attracts the sort of people into our lives that are capable of allowing that and more, or inspires those we love to acceptance. The others just fall away and I don’t worry about them. We are each on our own path. I honor that

Below is a video from the living genius, Jasmuheen, who after being raw for years, gradually adapted to living on prana, or life force energy, exclusively. Wow. I’ve heard of Breatharians since childhood, but I guess I never really considered it applicable to me. She is very careful to explain that only if you’ve attained a constant theta level of brain activity, can you live on prana. Most everyone operates on the beta wavelength. On beta waves, you will die if you stop eating food. This is a lifestyle that took her years of guided meditation and raw living to attain and obviously, can’t be casually adopted

Matt Amsden mentions over and over again how as we refine our intake of food, our body requires less and less to sustain itself at optimum well-being. The sooner we master digestion, the more energy our body has for developing other abilities that expand our evolution into the places we’ve all dreamed of. This is not the path for everyone, however. We must each determine what our lives are about and then live accordingly in order to be fully effective. I’ve learned to admire the achievements of others while realizing that I must exercise focus and discernment in order to embody what I call my ‘soul’s code’. This ensures that I don’t go traipsing down every attractive path, and instead stay firmly attuned to developing my own truth. In this way I feel I am of the greatest service to the earth experience.

Here is Jasmuheen’s video addressing the challenges of social interaction while being true to herself. I find it helpful and inspiring.

Jasmuheen on social and physical adjustments re: pranic living:

While food, at present, is still more to me than just fuel, I imagine that will change as I gain greater mastery in my meditation practice as well as in life skills. I know I have what feels like an overwhelming amount to learn; however with dedication and the blessings of grace, I intend to transition to living on prana within this lifetime, if at all possible. Regardless, to continue to expand my capacity for evolution with all my being, whether it’s food or prana that feeds me, is my ultimate goal.