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Gratitude Journal #1

This is the first entry of a new gratitude journal for me.  I’ve made regular entries in my bedside journal for years and am now bringing it online to help me expand my focus.  Today was a very good day – and I am inspired thusly, though it is almost impossible to begin – there is an overwhelming amount to be grateful for.   I’ll start here then:

1.  Thank you for the ever-increasing, over-flowing abundance of things to be grateful for in my life!

2.  The online raw food community and off-shoots, like:

3.  Philosopher’s Notes and Bryan Johnson’s confident, graceful enthusiasm and encouragement, which came via:

4.  Angela Stokes

5.  for Matt Monarch’s intrepid exploration and devoted sharing

6.  The wisdom shared recently by Jeremy Safron about how the 4 elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water correspond to dry foods, sprouts, cultured foods and fresh fruits/veg.  This has been as helpful to me as:

7.  Douglas Graham’s propelling of the concept of 80/10/10.

8.  This ever expanding time of luxury, cleanliness, beauty, peace and freedom – thank you.

9.  The beautiful car. –

10.  This beautiful house and abundant land.

11. The privacy and peace.

12.  The Silence.

13.  The woods behind me.

14.  The outrageous color of the ocean today.

15.  Those delicious crackers.

16.  The beauty and brilliance of that man today.

17.  Gratitude for the realizations that show me that I am so, so blessed.

Thank you for reading this, if you’ve gotten this far, these are my blessings and I am happy to share them with you.  Mahalo (Hawaiian for Thank You) and Aloha!