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Vibram Five Fingers – Barefoot

When I first moved to Hawaii, I went barefoot all the time after realizing that it was very easy to do here. I was first inspired to go barefoot by Solara’s book, The STARBORNE.  In it she encourages us to go barefoot in order to better connect and harmonize with the Earth’s electro-magnetic energy field.  We are born of the earth and it’s elements, ultimately, and actually touching it, skin to skin, is as important as it is in any intimate relationship we have, for many reasons, including good health.

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When we walk on the ground barefoot we synchronize our body’s electromagnetic field to the earths and are greatly ‘grounded’ or stabilized by it.  The planet’s electromagnetic field is so much larger than our own that we are automatically aligned with it when we eliminate barriers to the energy transfer, like rubber-soled shoes which are nearly ubiquitous nowadays.   Concerned about being seen as ‘too earthy’ if you walk around barefoot?  Pull over at your local park and spend 10 minutes walking around in the grass, with your shoes off.  What could be more ‘normal’, whatever that means nowadays, anyway?  Outside of summer, you’ll need to make an effort to touch the earth for 10 minutes a day, but I’ve been told that leather-soled shoes, with leather interiors – no vinyl inserts – allow the frequencies to reach your body too, if you make certain to walk on the grass for the allotted 10 minute minimum.

And when you just can’t go barefoot, try these shoes:  Vibram’s Five Fingers.  They do not assist grounding but they will re-align your posture and correct the alignment of your toes in the same way walking barefoot all day will.  (See the many YouTube videos and Google for blog posts that explain further the many benefits and body mechanics of going barefoot.  There are a lot, surprisingly.)


I got them because after 10 years of wearing rubber slippers (flip-flops) almost exclusively, my toes are behaving strangely and I want to keep the bones of my feet healthy and straight.  These help do that and more.  Apparantly the way the foot sits/stands on the ground greatly influences your posture.  Good posture is important for so many reasons, most importantly perhaps, because it ensures proper breath flow, and therefore keeps our body oxygenated and alert.  Anyone with fatigue issues should look at the shoes they wear, their posture, and consider going barefoot in the grass or on the beach for ten minutes a day and then look specifically for any improvement.