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Yin Yang Breakfast

Now this is a balanced breakfast : D

I feel like Mother Nature is so proud of me. This is what happened in my bowl the other morning when I poured fresh hemp nut/coconut milk over my flax and chia meal breakfast. I restrained myself from photoshopping it to enhance visibility, but it formed the Tao symbol for balance in. my. bowl. Wow! It already had the white dot in the dark swirl, and all that was missing was the dark dot in the coco milk, which is the only thing I added to the design, (hmmm…am “I” the one adding trouble to perfection? Noooooo!). But now I’m wondering if all that light was the message: I don’t need to worry about so-called difficulties, because the ‘light’ in my life (or at least, in my breakfast, heh) is totally in action. I am so blessed, woohoo! And I extend that blessing to all who see this magical bowl of breakfast, woohoo! (hehee!)

***On a practical note, I could not take the chia powder at all in this cereal. Textural issues once it hydrated. Fortunately – if this bowl was anything it was fortunate – it all formed one gelatinous mass on top of the flax meal, so I scooped it off and composted it. Euggh. For some reason, I’m ok with the texture of flax meal as a cereal, as long as it is eaten soon after the nutmilk is poured, so I ate that happily. I’ve been experimenting with chia a lot and discovering how it fits into recipes, and so far I prefer it simply suspended in water. I use about one tablespoon in a pint of water, or with some spirulina and shake it in a jar to break it up. After it soaks a few hours I’ll sip it while I work on the computer. I’ve been taking it with the whole seeds, but I wonder if it’s easier for my body to access the nutrients if I powder it in my spice grinder just before adding it to water so I’m drinking that right now. This is better, I feel. I mean, there is no way our teeth can break all those little seeds when they’re so thoroughly encased in gel, so this surely helps things along.