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Fundamentals of World Peace: A New Perspective

This post may be considered radical by some; I feel compelled to alert you to that. Sharing the insights I receive via the clarity of the live food lifestyle is what the Junglegirl site is all about, however, so consider yourself forewarned. This insight is particularly rootsy info having to do with the role of blood. It may require some of you to stretch into some long held belief structures and re-assign values a bit. I support your courage and thank you for proceeding.

I have been honored to receive this immensely powerful insight about blood and its role in the world that I am guided to share. Before you run away, consider allowing yourself to receive a perspective that might forever enlighten for you the drama that typically surrounds issues of blood.

This insight is actually flip sides of the very same coin and is another reason why I am so grateful to share this with you. It’s just so tidy and completely wholesome for that matter. But that’s the way Divine gifts always are, aren’t they? Perfect.

I will be brief in order to leave room for your own opinions to form. And I encourage comments and discussion.

Blood almost always inspires an adrenaline rush and with good reason: its presence will always be a sign that an event requiring urgent action has occured. The truth that has presented itself to me is that blood feeds the earth. Whether it is blood shed by accident, war, death and burial, the monthly bloodflow of women or any other reason, it is vital to the nourishment of the earth in some fundamental way that goes beyond mere science.  Perhaps in a way that the spirit of Earth, Gaia, calls forth from the human population through whatever degree of awareness the people of the region have allowed themselves.

Blood is a powerful substance.  What I am expressing is the sort of indigenous wisdom that tends to go over the heads of people who insist upon limiting their experience of the world to the strictly logical, the strictly scientific, the strictly black and white. That mind frame is quickly dissolving into the past, though, you’ll notice. Nevertheless, some people are just not going to get it and there is nothing much you can do for people like that. That’s OK. We are here to learn and have much to learn from each other and from the diversity of intellects present. As long as we allow for the inevitable gaps in knowledge that are just part of being human we can each learn and grow while fully supported and at our own pace. Rather than argue a point like the one I am making, it’s much better to just continue to use whatever information you come across that works to allow you to be the best, most harmonious person you can be in our world. This insight may enhance the experience for you and benefit others as well.

To continue then, it is my understanding that women are now in the unique position to contribute this powerful elixir of peace by gracefully offering the earth their monthly flow and that doing this is vital to bringing about a shift in global consciousness that basically eliminates the need for war. Because this practice fell out of fashion eons ago with the advent of male repression of virtually all feminine gifts and, forgive me for calling it like it is, guys, the irrational masculine fear of women’s blood, women have made every effort over the centuries to pacify that fear by denying the earth this vital sustenance. Upon reflection then, is it coincidental that almost no women anywhere are giving their blood back to the earth due to fear of what has grown to become harsh social recrimination? I think not. This rejection of the fundamental mechanics of nature has created immense dis-ease in the male psyche which naturally manifests as a compulsion for bloodshed and men who condemn themselves to spill each others blood in acts of aggression and war.

Before anyone’s emotions are triggered into possibly heaping even more blame than has already been forced upon women over the centuries for their lack of awareness about this responsibility, remember that it all began and was enforced – usually on pain of death or worse – social ostracism – by men. This can be especially healing for men and women by accepting this truth together, in consciousness of the sacred gift that it is for the healthy balance of peace not only on the planet, but in relationship to each other. Women contribute and men are freed from rage, hatred and, well, war. Peaceful coexistence begins to reinstate itself in miraculous ways. If the women of the world began to give their blood back to the earth with the gratitude, assistance and blessings of the men in their life, I wonder how quickly we could heal the drama of war people think they are so attached to.

I leave it at this, for your consideration. Please leave your carefully considered thoughts in the comments. And thank you for reading this. Pass it on.

PS: I highly recommend this as the Sceptre of Peace :D in this new world of awareness. Men, go out and buy one for your significant other today and share this post. Ladies, give it a try and see what unfolds in your own reality and in world news. We all create these miracles, and more, by the way we choose to live our daily lives.



Yin Yang Breakfast

Now this is a balanced breakfast : D

I feel like Mother Nature is so proud of me. This is what happened in my bowl the other morning when I poured fresh hemp nut/coconut milk over my flax and chia meal breakfast. I restrained myself from photoshopping it to enhance visibility, but it formed the Tao symbol for balance in. my. bowl. Wow! It already had the white dot in the dark swirl, and all that was missing was the dark dot in the coco milk, which is the only thing I added to the design, (hmmm…am “I” the one adding trouble to perfection? Noooooo!). But now I’m wondering if all that light was the message: I don’t need to worry about so-called difficulties, because the ‘light’ in my life (or at least, in my breakfast, heh) is totally in action. I am so blessed, woohoo! And I extend that blessing to all who see this magical bowl of breakfast, woohoo! (hehee!)

***On a practical note, I could not take the chia powder at all in this cereal. Textural issues once it hydrated. Fortunately – if this bowl was anything it was fortunate – it all formed one gelatinous mass on top of the flax meal, so I scooped it off and composted it. Euggh. For some reason, I’m ok with the texture of flax meal as a cereal, as long as it is eaten soon after the nutmilk is poured, so I ate that happily. I’ve been experimenting with chia a lot and discovering how it fits into recipes, and so far I prefer it simply suspended in water. I use about one tablespoon in a pint of water, or with some spirulina and shake it in a jar to break it up. After it soaks a few hours I’ll sip it while I work on the computer. I’ve been taking it with the whole seeds, but I wonder if it’s easier for my body to access the nutrients if I powder it in my spice grinder just before adding it to water so I’m drinking that right now. This is better, I feel. I mean, there is no way our teeth can break all those little seeds when they’re so thoroughly encased in gel, so this surely helps things along.


Photo by urbanwoodswalker

I have a shameful little secret. I know, I know, I shouldn’t blame myself like that, but really I know better. SO much better, and yet…here I am. I’m detoxing from caffeine. Green tea and sometimes Darjeeling with almond milk, but still. Uggh. It is AMAZING how much my state of mind has been dependent upon this drug, off and on and off and on again. It goes like that. For a few years I’ll be super pure, and then out of the blue, I’ll take it up again for a few months at a time and then, finally, clear myself again. So I find myself on the tail end of what I hope is my last encounter. Basically, it has to do with highs and lows that happen in my nutritional intake, so juicing and bluegreen algae  – will play the main role in the detaching, naturally. What else has the nutrient density of rocket fuel? And I love vegetable juice and look forward to the day when my garden is strong enough to just live on it alone!

After quitting caffiene I feel great for the first week, generally, clear and gentler and more present. Then the parts of my emotional consciousness that depended upon the horsepower of caffeine to get me through the day began to stake their claim. Mwa haahaha! I feel the ancient and very communal spirit of the morning ritual’s vise-like grip on the collective consciousness of America, and most of the world, and every few years, I’ve been getting sucked in too. One major unconcious factor is that it is a way to unite with millions of others each morning in a nearly effortless way. That need to connect is both a beautiful revelation to me and much better served by trading in drug use for a very conscious morning meditation with a specific intention to unify myself with only the best of the Universal energies for that day. That and a big, rich glass of nutrient dense vegetable juice. Though that will be around 10 or 11am for me. I think my body likes the protein in the almond milk I added to tea so I am doing a glass of maca almond or brazilnut milk in the mornings and nutrient saturation with juice a little later on. Juice for me is always vegetable by the way. Fruit juice is just way too much sugar, though I’ll occasionally have my favorite fruit smoothie, but with nuts or fruit seeds added to balance out the sugar for the body.

Also, it’s really challenging to live and work around people with the false energy that caffiene generates.  And it really requires immense strength to step out of the energy field of that circle. It helps to seek out and live and work with others who have moved on beyond it too, so it can be life-changing and perhaps scary to let it go.  Maybe that is why so many never attempt it with much energy. It really takes you off the old grid.   But there is a whole other, much more powerful grid there for each of us who finds the courage to step out into that realm. You don’t even have to try – it will find you because the Universe supports a genuine life force!   All we must do is pay attention and embrace the fears and unfamiliarity of a new routine.   I really have compassion for the process of quitting any drug and the circle of ‘friends’ involved. It’s a tremendous endeavor, and it is so vital to do it now. If you are reading this and still power your self on caffeine, it’s time to ask your self why you lack energy in the first place and take personal responsability to remedy that.

You may ask, why mess with a ‘good’ thing?  How bad can it be?  Because the quality of life and the opportunities that present themselves to someone who chooses to elevate their being are astonishing and not to be missed!  Your  nervous system is then vibrationally compatible with the highest truths of your Self and of Existance.  I encourage everyone to take the leap for that reason alone.  I know this because part of my ‘medicine’ has been about going back and forth over the years and noting the mechanics of the whole thing.  So if going back and forth is where you are at – be kind to yourself about it and remember to keep paying attention to how much different and better you feel and function on your own Source energy.  Eventually you will no longer accept compromise.

Naturally,  insights arrive to help support my mind in it’s decision to self-empowerment. Aside from the energy it gives the malnourished and improperly fed, oops, I mean average American, I feel that one of the reasons caffeine has power is because all people seek some sort of unity and intimacy, but lack the skills/courage to live it directly – with each other – and therefore ‘use’ caffeine as a surrogate in order to bridge the gap, or more precisely in order to fill the hole that genuine intimacy and community provides. Caffeine dependents will assert that the caffeine culture IS a community, but therein lies the delusion: take away the caffeine and where does your relationship to that ‘community’ go?  If there was genuine intimacy and community your connection would be as strong as ever, because community is created by heart connections, not a shared drug. And that’s how you can unmask a common delusion and begin to peel yourself away from a delusional community and attract a genuine community based upon actual intimacy that comes from being real.  Feed yourself based upon nourishment instead of flavor (yes, flavor too, but I mean overly-spiced food that masks dead or missing nutrients. Perfectly ripe organic vegetables, eaten separately so they can digest properly, are so flavorful. They taste of the vegetable itself.  Shocker, I know : )

Mmm…So caffeine. It really is a demon spirit, or at least, I can see how it is easy to perceive the power of the collective addiction in that way. And now it’s gone. I”VE RECLAIMED MY PERSONAL POWER and given my energy field back over to my body! And now it’s time to rebuild the body’s nutritional reserves so that my fuel is nutrition and not a socially sanctioned form of speed. Thank God for small organic farmers who grow their crops properly and with love. And frankly, I feel that in the modern world, where people must work in shockingly toxic environments with people they have no real connection to, superfoods like spirulina are THE replacement energy that allows for the amount of energy a modern lifestyle requires. That is the energy I want to function on. And I am.  A radical life shift is that easy:  saturate yourself with nutrition instead of drugs. How exciting!

It propels one to an entirely different realm than the one inhabited by caffeine addicts.  Healthy life.  Nothing is break speed, all is God speed, which means perfect timing in all areas of life. Looking sharp in slow motion. It takes bravery to step out of the frey. Hey hey!  er, ha?

Here is a familiar and supportive poem that fits right in to some of the deep psychological mechanics underlying addiction:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves,
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented, and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.
There’s nothing enlightening about shrinking
so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.
It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others.

~~~ Marianne Williamson

Raison d’etre

Wow. I am feeling so fulfilled right now, after this very direct video reminder and communication from Divine Intelligence, via Jasmuheen. I’ve been aware of this path my entire life, but slipped in and out of consciousness with it over the course of time. Thankfully there are beings like Jasmuheen who are working so lovingly and continuously to engage us through the density of our immersion in the ‘matrix’ and help us to remember what the point of all this truly is. I am so thankful I’ve reconnected! Now the real work begins.  God help me! Enjoy ~

On Socializing and Being True to Yourself

Occasionally, people ask me why I would eat what seems like such limiting and undelicious food.

Depending upon the person, I usually explain that it is the most pleasurable, creative and nutritious food I have found and that, ultimately, nutrition is the primary purpose of food as I see it and I’ve never felt more unlimited in my life. Then they ask me about how I manage to socialize and I tell them that I tend to take my meals before I go out and then order a crudite plate or salad, mostly just to participate. I really don’t go out to restaurants though and I must say, I do miss that aspect of life very much, but not so much that I would give up what I’ve gained by living live. No way. Until there is a raw restaurant wherever I live as lovely as Pure Food and Wine is in NYC, I am happy to find other things to do with people, things that don’t necessarily revolve around food. Naturally, being true to our selves soon attracts the sort of people into our lives that are capable of allowing that and more, or inspires those we love to acceptance. The others just fall away and I don’t worry about them. We are each on our own path. I honor that

Below is a video from the living genius, Jasmuheen, who after being raw for years, gradually adapted to living on prana, or life force energy, exclusively. Wow. I’ve heard of Breatharians since childhood, but I guess I never really considered it applicable to me. She is very careful to explain that only if you’ve attained a constant theta level of brain activity, can you live on prana. Most everyone operates on the beta wavelength. On beta waves, you will die if you stop eating food. This is a lifestyle that took her years of guided meditation and raw living to attain and obviously, can’t be casually adopted

Matt Amsden mentions over and over again how as we refine our intake of food, our body requires less and less to sustain itself at optimum well-being. The sooner we master digestion, the more energy our body has for developing other abilities that expand our evolution into the places we’ve all dreamed of. This is not the path for everyone, however. We must each determine what our lives are about and then live accordingly in order to be fully effective. I’ve learned to admire the achievements of others while realizing that I must exercise focus and discernment in order to embody what I call my ‘soul’s code’. This ensures that I don’t go traipsing down every attractive path, and instead stay firmly attuned to developing my own truth. In this way I feel I am of the greatest service to the earth experience.

Here is Jasmuheen’s video addressing the challenges of social interaction while being true to herself. I find it helpful and inspiring.

Jasmuheen on social and physical adjustments re: pranic living:

While food, at present, is still more to me than just fuel, I imagine that will change as I gain greater mastery in my meditation practice as well as in life skills. I know I have what feels like an overwhelming amount to learn; however with dedication and the blessings of grace, I intend to transition to living on prana within this lifetime, if at all possible. Regardless, to continue to expand my capacity for evolution with all my being, whether it’s food or prana that feeds me, is my ultimate goal.

You Weren’t Meant to Have a Boss

…In an artificial world, only extremists live naturally.
–Paul Graham


I’ve excerpted this bit from one of the best essays I’ve ever read, because it supports the foundations of human well-being by describing a healthier framework for choosing the work you do for a living.

I chose these few paragraph’s to highlight because they use a perfect food analogy, however, I can not encourage you enough to follow the link at the bottom of the post to the complete article and read it through. It’s coming from the world of computer programming but easily applies to just about any reality.

Excerpt from:

“…Indeed, food is an excellent metaphor to explain what’s wrong with the usual sort of job.

For example, working for a big company is the default thing to do, at least for programmers. How bad could it be? Well, food shows that pretty clearly. If you were dropped at a random point in America today, nearly all the food around you would be bad for you. Humans were not designed to eat white flour, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and hydrogenated vegetable oil. And yet if you analyzed the contents of the average grocery store you’d probably find these four ingredients accounted for most of the calories. “Normal” food is terribly bad for you. The only people who eat what humans were actually designed to eat are a few Birkenstock-wearing weirdos in Berkeley.

If “normal” food is so bad for us, why is it so common? There are two main reasons. One is that it has more immediate appeal. You may feel lousy an hour after eating that pizza, but eating the first couple bites feels great. The other is economies of scale. Producing junk food scales; producing fresh vegetables doesn’t. Which means (a) junk food can be very cheap, and (b) it’s worth spending a lot to market it.

If people have to choose between something that’s cheap, heavily marketed, and appealing in the short term, and something that’s expensive, obscure, and appealing in the long term, which do you think most will choose?

It’s the same with work. The average MIT graduate wants to work at Google or Microsoft, because it’s a recognized brand, it’s safe, and they’ll get paid a good salary right away. It’s the job equivalent of the pizza they had for lunch. The drawbacks will only become apparent later, and then only in a vague sense of malaise.

And founders and early employees of startups, meanwhile, are like the Birkenstock-wearing weirdos of Berkeley: though a tiny minority of the population, they’re the ones living as humans are meant to. In an artificial world, only extremists live naturally.”


Honor Thy Self…While Keeping an Eye Peeled for the Divine Other : )

February 14, 2008