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Creating an Energetic Imprint of Emotion to Share With Everyone

Am considering what is entailed in generating cultivated pleasures – experiences that transmit a reliable sense of recognition.  For example, certain cultural food dishes are treasured by the population which gestated it as a cultural reference point.  And certain dance moves are recognized as beautiful by a significant number of people, certain musical passages strike many with just the same, recognizable chord of emotion…what generates that thread of recognized pleasure through the ages?  Why would a dance move be so touching?  That is the “art” part of it, but what IS that?  Is it the soul of the giver coming through – their own pleasure in sharing a movement so rooted in the groove of tradition that makes it a such a pleasure that we are able to actually feel the latest dancers energy in a tangible way?  Wow, if so.

But it must be more than that because an inanimate artwork like a painting is capable of moving someone in just the same way, without the presence of it’s creator…So is it holding an energetic imprint and is that what makes great artists great?  Their ability to imprint inanimate objects with such an energetic imprint that it is able to transmit the artists emotion to receptive people who view it?  Is it all about the energetic transmission?  If so, this really expands the idea of creating art for me – it really helps me to be an effective and affective artist, and infinitely expands my expression as a person.  Wow.

This entire line of thought was inspired by the dance above, so, thank you, Quixotic Fusion – it’s working!

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