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Gratitude Journal #2

Thank you for two tremendous insights, one yesterday and one today.  The first was inspired by listening to one of Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes.  I realized the gift of power that comes from transforming one’s greatest fears by moving through them in actual life and not just in the head.  I understand now exactly what that means – how this transforms our world and each person who does this brings all of humanity that much closer to each person’s own idea of heaven.   That this takes real courage is an understatement, but is just an example of how one doesn’t need expensive gear for things like mountain wingsuiting to get your adrenaline rush – you can also just be really real, live your truth and actively address your greatest fears.  If you are paying any attention at all to your life you’ll notice it happens naturally.  Our only job is to be present and remain engaged with courage while we watch the situation shift into a healed scenario.  This is grace in action and actively generates peace on Earth.

Nothing  gives a higher quality rush, if that’s what you’re looking for.  There is only now – you have everything you need to begin – right now.  Writing this down in a Gratitude journal is step one for me.  Sharing it with whomever reads this is step two.  The rest is coming.  I’ve begun.  I am frightend.  In order to move forward I must remain in a state of trust.  Thank you for your support!

The second insight was today after a dream that at first caused intense anxiety upon awaking, if I am totally honest and share some of the emotional experience of this fresh, raw insight.   I realized that bee pollen, which is full of GMO’s, has a vaccine effect against the virus’ generated by the melting of the polar ice caps.  Those ice caps must contain organisms from eons ago that are now being released into perfect hothouse growing conditions.  Not sure if any survived the freeze (anyone a polar ice scientist?), but considering the size and strength of the animals from that era, it seems logical to consider that the viruses and organisms might be similarly powerful.  The dream highlighted the connection to bee pollen as a natural vaccine.

On a happier note, I imagine there will also be equally powerful micro-algae as well and * what if * that saves the whales and other ocean life from the toxic, chemical soup that we’ve bequeathed them?  JOY!  We need the whales and diversity of ocean life – large and small – to maintain the healthy balance of our seas and for what knowledge they may be persuaded to share with us as we evolve our own consciousness.  We must institute the value of living in respectful harmony with nature instead of pitting ourselves against it and exploiting it.  Where are our Gentleman with regards to the Goddess Nature?  We need you, now!

If it is true that GMO people have been using ancient virus’ from junk DNA that our immune systems have ostensibly evolved beyond (posited in the Debra Koons movie, The Future of Food), and that those virus’ may likely begin to be active again with the melting of the polar caps which will then possibly release all sorts of ancient organisms into our environment – organisms with the powerful, pioneering life force of the early years of the planet, which we evolved beyond at the time,  and which are now coming into perfect hothouse growing conditions with a nutrient rich, chemical-laden soup of ocean water in which to flourish – then taking bee pollen, which is full of genetically modified DNA and therefore these ancient virus’, may have a natural vaccine effect.  This was the insight of the dream and if anyone from medical science can corroborate this I’d be grateful for contact.

Then again, the chemical soup in the oceans may ironically and effectively kill them in the kind of  stunning orchestration of perfection that is typical of Nature.  Nature is so wonderous and amazing and we should all be so grateful to live here with all this beauty!



Thank you.

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