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Fundamentals of World Peace: A New Perspective

This post may be considered radical by some; I feel compelled to alert you to that. Sharing the insights I receive via the clarity of the live food lifestyle is what the Junglegirl site is all about, however, so consider yourself forewarned. This insight is particularly rootsy info having to do with the role of blood. It may require some of you to stretch into some long held belief structures and re-assign values a bit. I support your courage and thank you for proceeding.

I have been honored to receive this immensely powerful insight about blood and its role in the world that I am guided to share. Before you run away, consider allowing yourself to receive a perspective that might forever enlighten for you the drama that typically surrounds issues of blood.

This insight is actually flip sides of the very same coin and is another reason why I am so grateful to share this with you. It’s just so tidy and completely wholesome for that matter. But that’s the way Divine gifts always are, aren’t they? Perfect.

I will be brief in order to leave room for your own opinions to form. And I encourage comments and discussion.

Blood almost always inspires an adrenaline rush and with good reason: its presence will always be a sign that an event requiring urgent action has occured. The truth that has presented itself to me is that blood feeds the earth. Whether it is blood shed by accident, war, death and burial, the monthly bloodflow of women or any other reason, it is vital to the nourishment of the earth in some fundamental way that goes beyond mere science.  Perhaps in a way that the spirit of Earth, Gaia, calls forth from the human population through whatever degree of awareness the people of the region have allowed themselves.

Blood is a powerful substance.  What I am expressing is the sort of indigenous wisdom that tends to go over the heads of people who insist upon limiting their experience of the world to the strictly logical, the strictly scientific, the strictly black and white. That mind frame is quickly dissolving into the past, though, you’ll notice. Nevertheless, some people are just not going to get it and there is nothing much you can do for people like that. That’s OK. We are here to learn and have much to learn from each other and from the diversity of intellects present. As long as we allow for the inevitable gaps in knowledge that are just part of being human we can each learn and grow while fully supported and at our own pace. Rather than argue a point like the one I am making, it’s much better to just continue to use whatever information you come across that works to allow you to be the best, most harmonious person you can be in our world. This insight may enhance the experience for you and benefit others as well.

To continue then, it is my understanding that women are now in the unique position to contribute this powerful elixir of peace by gracefully offering the earth their monthly flow and that doing this is vital to bringing about a shift in global consciousness that basically eliminates the need for war. Because this practice fell out of fashion eons ago with the advent of male repression of virtually all feminine gifts and, forgive me for calling it like it is, guys, the irrational masculine fear of women’s blood, women have made every effort over the centuries to pacify that fear by denying the earth this vital sustenance. Upon reflection then, is it coincidental that almost no women anywhere are giving their blood back to the earth due to fear of what has grown to become harsh social recrimination? I think not. This rejection of the fundamental mechanics of nature has created immense dis-ease in the male psyche which naturally manifests as a compulsion for bloodshed and men who condemn themselves to spill each others blood in acts of aggression and war.

Before anyone’s emotions are triggered into possibly heaping even more blame than has already been forced upon women over the centuries for their lack of awareness about this responsibility, remember that it all began and was enforced – usually on pain of death or worse – social ostracism – by men. This can be especially healing for men and women by accepting this truth together, in consciousness of the sacred gift that it is for the healthy balance of peace not only on the planet, but in relationship to each other. Women contribute and men are freed from rage, hatred and, well, war. Peaceful coexistence begins to reinstate itself in miraculous ways. If the women of the world began to give their blood back to the earth with the gratitude, assistance and blessings of the men in their life, I wonder how quickly we could heal the drama of war people think they are so attached to.

I leave it at this, for your consideration. Please leave your carefully considered thoughts in the comments. And thank you for reading this. Pass it on.

PS: I highly recommend this as the Sceptre of Peace :D in this new world of awareness. Men, go out and buy one for your significant other today and share this post. Ladies, give it a try and see what unfolds in your own reality and in world news. We all create these miracles, and more, by the way we choose to live our daily lives.


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  1. * Mike says:


    I liked your writings. Very insightful commentary.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  2. * junglegirl says:

    Thanks so much, Mike! I’m glad you stopped by.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  3. * Sara says:

    Not so radical–makes a lot of sense, more specific discussion would be nice for a future post.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  4. * junglegirl says:

    Hi Sara,
    You know, I don’t think it’s all that radical but some people are simply terrified of the natural body, so I try to make it as easy to read as possible for those few.

    What sort of specifics were you thinking of? Email me if you like. And thank you!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 8 months ago
  5. * Sara says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off as negative but re-reading it I see I kinda did :) You’re right, it is radical to many-and I more meant to reaffirm that it is so true, and in that sense not radical.

    Maybe ways in which we could give our blood to the earth. Mutant Messages From Down Under talked about how menstrual blood was made into a paste that had medical purposes. But then I learned that book was a hoax–still I bet it has those types of uses, and probably some people have used them in that way. I’ve given it as fertilizer for houseplants…imagine if everyone ate food nourished with that blood–a much more cyclical thing eating would become.

    Maybe other ways this manifests in society would be a good topic. I personally have aways been pretty in awe of this ability my body has, and am very sad not to have menstruated since I got off birth control. It really can mess with the body.

    Didn’t see your e-mail so am posting here…

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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