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Our Body’s Conscious Voice

One of the things I love about living on raw food is that one’s body increasingly devolops a very strong voice. It begins, with absolute perfection, to inform you of precisely what it is best served by, and that is amazing to me. While I have been very fortunate to have always been in touch with this awareness, on live food it is that much clearer. For example, I experience some of this ‘extra’ clarity as an even greater awareness of plant consciousness and animal consciousness. They are equally communicative when you are aware enough to listen. Like a best friend, my body consciousness ALWAYS has my very best interests at heart, and in a way I can embrace. I love it! As with any consciousness outside of your self, with plants and animals you will have to exercise your best judgment in communication with them. They are conversations, after all. Plants, for example, or maybe it’s Mother Earth (?), will work you nonstop if you don’t set boundaries with them, (really!), as I found out while gardening on an organic farm. It is FASCINATING! And this is only one example of the fruits of expanded consciousness.

Many people try to force themselves into this consciousness with drugs, which will do it, but it must be understood that there is a price levied for that type of service. It’s very important to be very clear on what the price is before you go that route. I’ve found that it’s not a price that supports my desire to embody my lightbody in this lifetime. To let my consciousness expand gently, naturally and at it’s own pace is what I’ve been guided to understand is what will bring me to my expanded potential sooner and ‘more cleanly’ than trying to take the shortcuts, which are not sustainable. Sometimes the slow route gets you there sooner than those who are still paying whatever their particular ‘price’ was for the experience. They do gain an certainty that more exists, and the intoxicating feeling of power that comes with such knowledge as well as the simple comfort of ‘remembering’ our souls purpose, but at some point, the work of embodying God must simply be done in real time, without drugs. Creating an optimal temple for one’s consciousness – clean, pure, wholesome, with needs abundantly met, in partnership with whichever form of meditation works for you, is a wonderful way to maximize your life on every level, safely and honestly.

One of the communications I hear is that my body wants very simple food right now. I do very, very well on blender food. Since I love to understand as much as possible I automatically wonder what the reasons for this are, which is the question, and immediately comes the answer, (an answer which expands exponentially to where one is in the process, I’ve discovered): my digestive track is healing from years of an imbalanced cooked food diet. It just so happens that my digestive system has always been sensitive, and from this and many other indications, I know I was born to take the raw food path. Is this true for everyone? I don’t even try to answer that question. Just Be; Living your own truth. So, even though I’d been eating a primarily vegan, macrobiotic diet full of daily greens and seaweeds and squash and organic grains for years, which is a very healthy diet, my body wanted the absolute BEST and events conspired to bring it to me in a way that I could accept. Thank God.

I feel very good about finding and activating at least ONE of my soul’s code’s, that I know of. This is where some of the deep peace I feel comes from. I am working through what might normally be acutely stressful situationzzz! at this time, yet am in such a place of equilibrium, due in part to the clarity one gains from the raw food life. Pretty sweet. My meditation practice goes hand in hand with this state of being as well, of course. Together, they contribute to an increasingly stable sense of well-being regardless of external circumstances; (circumstances that are totally personal, so there is no way for me to be in denial about them, haha!). I am simply in a very healthy place mentally with what is.  Again, thank God.

This type of mental gain is reason enough to devote oneself to really becoming educated in the language of the body. If you are already feeling the call to include more live food in your diet, then you are already practicing that awareness. The more you honor it, the louder and clearer it will become. It’s a co-created state of being between listening to your body, and mastering your child-like attachment to the known and familiar comforts regarding food and habit and ‘happiness’. The pay off is a super-human health and consciousness boost. The symptoms of healing crisis’ that are likely to arise are par for the course and should be recognized and celebrated for the signs of progress they are. Woohoo!  By now there is so much excellent information on how to handle those events online and from experienced raw foodists, that they should not present too great an ordeal for anyone. There is nothing to be afraid of with information now widely available on how to handle any healing crisis. The first key of personal responsibility is to recognize that you are having a healing crisis, and it becomes much easier after that. It’s a little light in the dark, that simple awareness.

The knowledge that cravings present themselves as we are releasing them from our cellular structure is extremely helpful to remember as they come up. Last night I was laying in bed when I was suddenly suffused with the aroma of a Dagoba Chai bar, haha! (I remember that last bar, because I did not enjoy it at all the way I used to.) And it did make me smile, instead of infusing me with desire. Knowing exactly what was going on made it an effortless moment. There was no delusional ‘craving’. That info, I have others to thank for, because chocolate has had a giant impact on my life, and so I would never have been able to heal my relationship with it on my own, it has too much of an effect on me for me to see myself clearly in relation to it.  Knowing that it was part of my release is exciting instead of traumatic.

I very much want to write a post all about my relationship to chocolate very soon, because it is quite MAJOR, and I know others will be helped, as I have been. Basically, chocolate makes me clinically depressed. And it does so for many other people as well, so pay attention to what is going on in your body!   It can be an issue of life and death, for some people. Ok, this post is long enough, so, if it’s an issue in your life, or the life of anyone you know, then stay tuned for an upcoming post discussing this aspect of chocolate.

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