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Some Surprising Benefits of the Transitional Period

There comes a point for many people, in their switch to live food, when they bounce back and forth between raw and cooked. I am in that place right now and find that by simply allowing it and not making it too much of a big deal, I have been blessed with some very useful insights about why this is happening. This is so often true during any struggle. When we simply let go and allow the process to unfold, paying close attention all the while, a sort of healing alchemy occurs and we end up with an optimal experience instead of a painful and unproductive one.

Even though my body fully recognized the superiority of an all raw/live diet immediately, I have occasionally felt like eating something cooked. There are interesting reasons why that is, aside from the detox response*, and one of them is that when I suddenly feel like eating a particular cooked meal, which will spring up out of nowhere, with my body then making it very clear how unsatisfactory that actually was.

It has become clear that what is happening is a sort of reprogramming of my old ‘go-to’ instincts for feeding myself. As I allow myself to feel my response to a cooked meal after knowing how well I feel after eating a live meal, whatever it is within my body that tells me when and what to eat is being re-programmed or re-educated by it’s knowledge of the fact that something more optimal is available. It is incredible to witness this consciously. I really do feel like a sort of computer programmer in a deeply organic realm of mind/body consciousness. We have all heard the refrain,” you are what you eat” so many times and to be connected to what that means in a literal sense, from a level of conscious re-programming, is really fun and fascinating.

*the detox response happens when the body is cleansing. One will often crave precisely what the body is detoxing from your organs and fat cells. This can be specific things like favorite s.a.d foods or even chemicals from literally years ago.  Recently I could not get the smell of a certain commercial talcum powder, that I used to cover myself with from head to toe as a teenager living in the very hot south, out of my nostrils!

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  1. * Bueller says:

    Hi Junglegirl!

    Thanks so much for joining my ring. I will add you as soon as I figure it out!

    I love your blog! great video!


    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago
  2. * junglegirl says:

    Thank you, Bueller! Welcome to Junglegirl!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 1 month ago

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